We are a data-centric company: we devise solutions that help our clients to create business value from data.  We build cloud data platforms and data warehouses, do data analysis and data visualization, apply data science to business problems, and even consult on data management.

We are building a company where it is satisfying to work, where there are professional challenges, and which is sustainable business-wise as well.


What will you do?

  • At Hiflylabs, we are looking to extend our Analytics Engineering team. This team typically works with international clients in small squads, almost exclusively in agile.
  • We expect you to be an Analytics Engineer at heart: a data-oriented person with data/software engineering chops.
  • You will take part in the briefing with a more senior colleague on what the client wants on the business side.
  • You then join the tech lead on the project in picking the technical components needed to fulfill those needs, mostly out of cloud services we routinely work with.  Some of these are standard AWS or GCP platform services, some are even more modern ones, like Snowflake, dbt, Fivetran, or Looker.
  • Sprint-by-sprint you take part in delivering a reliable, working solution that pleases the client and meets the business constraints as well.
  • Finally we celebrate with you, and help you move on to the next challenge that advances your personal and professional development.
  • On the projects you work under the direction of a Senior Analytics Engineer. Your line manager is the CTO (who is managing the Analytics Engineering team) with whom you usually touch bases a couple times a week.


  • Design and implement Data Pipelines with platform services and serverless solutions
  • Develop, and test ingestion pipelines from various sources
  • Create data transformations with SQL, Python, PaaS and 3rd party tools (e.g. dbt)
  • Automate data ingestion and transformation (often with Airflow or similar tools)


  • Data transformation background: sound conceptual understanding and practical experience of data modeling and ETL processing, including practical knowledge of SQL.  As an orientation, you are likely to have 2+ intensive years in the field.
  • Some software development background, preferably in Python and/or focused on data transformation.
  • Preferably some experience in cloud data management, perhaps in AWS or GCP data stack components (primarily batch data management, storage, loading, transformation of structured data structures, Data Lake storage and management tools)
  • Strong technical and business English (oral, reading and writing)
  • Hungarian is a must have

Personal Traits

  • Team player, dependable, delivers on promise
  • Proactive in finding solutions
  • Eager to learn and improve

Why us?

  • Diverse projects: In each assignment there is always something new either on the technical or on the business side that helps you grow.
  • Cutting edge technology: You will work with many of the most up-to-date technologies and tools of data engineering.
  • Strong and motivating team: We stress the importance of working together in tight-knit, cohesive teams in which members help one another to reach the common goal.
  • Work-life balance: We help you to feel good individually as well, and coordinate work so as it should align with your leisure activities.
  • Professional development: There are team gatherings on a regular schedule where colleagues can share their knowledge, and have deep technical discussions.
  • Focus on company culture: In addition to our business and professional achievements we are proud of the social bonding in the company, which is based on mutual respect and helping one another.
  • Personal mentoring: You will have your own mentor (just like everybody at Hiflylabs) who you can turn to with professional issues as well as with personal ones.