Hiflylabs is a Budapest-based company (founded in 2012). We have 150+ employees and we are constantly thriving with a focus on data analytics and application development projects. Our core management have been working together for more than 20 years in the data field and we started our data consulting business more than 3 years ago. Now with many exciting projects behind us, we built a dedicated team that solves data problems for our customers. We enjoy to cape business demands to transform it valued-added projects, participating in the strategy and enhance business processes, and improve business with data visualisation.


Involvement in the following tasks, under the professional guidance and mentoring of experienced colleagues:

  • Participation in projects

    • Defining projects and tasks according to clients’ needs, drawing up project plans
    • Collaboration with developers, analysts, other members of the Advisory team to ensure successful implementation of projects
    • Create project-related proposal, status and/or delivery presentations
  • Sales support

    • Sort out, structure and clearly communicate clients’ data-driven business problems identified by sales or consultants to other areas as required (Data Platform, Advanced Analytics, Mobile application and web development)
  • Knowledge sharing and internal Hiflylabs development projects

    • Participate in the team’s established knowledge and service development process
    • Participate in internal company projects to learn about operational processes
    • Supporting multiple teams and managers (on an ad hoc basis) by delivering presentations (external and internal, conference presentations, CEO briefs, etc.)
  • Gain project experience across many of our clients, regardless of industry
  • Insight into companies’ data management practices and support in their development


  • Problem solving and communication: if you come across with a problem, you can assess the situation and when to ask for help; you can escalate the situation to the appropriate senior colleague in a time
  • You have experience in teamwork, either as a university student or through another job
  • Precision and numeral affinity: interpreting and checking more complex dashboard and spreadsheets with many indicators is not a problem for you
  • Proficiency in Hungarian and intermediate or advanced English (oral and written): the majority of our clients require English language skills.
  • Flexibility and humour: without these we would be robots☺
  • Ongoing professional studies

    • Business/Economics/Engineering/Statistics/IT/Social Sciences
  • Knowledge of presentation and other Office tools (especially MS PowerPoint and Excel – after all we are consultants ☺, but Word is also important)


  • Beside your studies you have worked with data; you can talk about a few interesting case studies that you solved
  • You have some industry knowledge in any of the following sectors:

    • Banking-finance/retail/media/energy/oil/manufacturing/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/logistics
  • Understanding data technologies and their potential applications (e.g. big data, machine learning, streaming, data visualisation, data management)
  • Practical knowledge of data visualisation tools: e.g. PowerBI, Tableau
  • Membership of a student organisation


  • Meaningful and impactful projects – No business today can thrive without building on their data. We give you a full spectrum of data services and digital solutions to meet your customers’ needs and create value for them.
  • Diverse professional challenges – You’ll solve a wide range of business problems while discovering cutting the edge data technologies.
  • Full empowerment – Trust is a cornerstone of our culture. Don’t lose sight of the goal, the rest is up to you.
  • Flexible ways of working – We love our location on Bartók Béla Street which is not only an office but also a community space. However, we respect our people to do their work when and how they work best.
  • Balanced life – We love what we do and aim to work together with others who do their work with love. At the same time, we highly value fresh minds, for which we think a healthy work/life balance is essential! Forget about pointless meetings and unnecessary administration.
  • Mentoring from your first day – Continuous support is not just a set of fancy words we throw around here; your mentor follows you throughout your career path.
  • Learning & Development opportunities – If you value the possibility of self-development and conference attendance, we are on to a great start! We look forward to helping you unlock your potential.
  • Supportive corporate culture – In addition to our professional success, we are proud of the social cohesion that is based on mutual support and respect and is constantly nurtured in the company.
  • Lots of fun – The Hiflylabs’ community is made up of more than 150 open-minded people from different backgrounds but with shared values. We have a lot of fun together, we’ve already booked your place for the next wine tasting, FIFA & football tournament.