Hiflylabs is a Budapest-based company (founded in 2012). We have 150+ employees at this moment and we are constantly thriving. Our application development team and business intelligence experts work to provide effective solutions to business problems. We have a mix of Hungarian and international clients, including the finance, telecommunication, and energy sectors.

What you will do?

  • Understand and communicat the business requirements with the client and identificating the data needs
  • Design of data mart, data warehouses and dataplatforms
  • Preparation of system plan
  • Data modeling 
  • Participate in developing reports, dashboards and ETL processes
  • Design and implementation of testing
  • Professional leadership of the project team

What do you need to apply to this role?

  • Recent, vendor-side developer experience
  • Experience gained on a similar projects (data warehouse, migration, and further development, possibly architecture design)
  • Proficiency in assessing business logic
  • Experience in project management or team leadership
  • Client-oriented attitude
  • Advanced English
  • Good communication skills and proactivity
  • Problem solving ability, ingenuity
  • Commitment to quality

What is good to have?

  • Previous experience with cloud technology 

Why us?

  • Meaningful and impactful projects – No business today can thrive without building on their data. We give you a full spectrum of data services and digital solutions to meet your customers’ needs and create value for them.
  • Diverse professional challenges – You’ll solve a wide range of business problems while discovering cutting the edge data technologies.
  • Full empowerment – Trust is a cornerstone of our culture. Don’t lose sight of the goal, the rest is up to you.
  • Flexible ways of working – We love our location on Bartók Béla Street which is not only an office but also a community space. However we respect our people to do their work when and how they work best.
  • Balanced life – We love what we do and aim to work together with others who do their work with love. At the same time, we highly value fresh minds, for which we think a healthy work/life balance is essential! Forget about pointless meetings and unnecessary administration.
  • Mentoring from your first day – Continuous support is not just a set of fancy words we throw around here; your mentor follows you throughout your career path.
  • Learning & Development opportunities – If you value the possibility of self-development and conference attendance, we are on to a great start! We look forward to helping you unlock your potential.
  • Supportive corporate culture – In addition to our professional success, we are proud of the social cohesion that is based on mutual support and respect and is constantly nurtured in the company.
  • Lots of fun – The Hiflylabs’ community is made up of more than 150 open-minded people from different backgrounds but with shared values. We have a lot of fun together, we’ve already booked your place for the next wine tasting, FIFA & foosball tournament.

About Hifly

  • The Leading Data Consulting Agency in Hungary
  • One among the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 CEE
  • Intelligent company of the year 2019
  • 150+ employees, no. doubled during the pandemic
  • Founded by the pioneers of the data science revolution in Hungary
  • Small enough to be personal, large enough to serve large industry leaders

Who we are

We are music lovers, world travelers, foodies, wall climbers, runners, paragliders, literature lovers, video gamers, board gamers, fishermen, cyclists, photographers and all sorts of others… families, singles, happy! You’re sure to find someone you resonate with at the same frequency.