Hiflylabs is a Budapest-based company (founded in 2012). We have 150+ employees at this moment and we are constantly thriving. Our application development team and business intelligence experts work to provide effective solutions to business problems. We have a mix of Hungarian and international clients, including the finance, telecommunication, and energy sectors.


Tasks to support the internal team:

  • Ensure that the database environments required for development are available on time and of the proper quality whether on-prem or cloud (Azure)
  • Keep the database servers up to date and if it needed install the critical patches
  • Ensure that the databases, database resources and the associated modules are continuously available and can be restored in case of an error
  • Create user accounts and set permissions if it is required
  • Proactively search for issues
  • Automate toil
  • Keep in contact with colleagues

Project related tasks:

  • Support the environments of data warehouses, databases, visualizations, developed by Hiflylabs, either in cloud or on-prem
  • You will be involved in the infrastructural support of running and starting projects, database installations and configuration of database environments
  • You will coordinate performance
  • Regularly participate in the preparation of Proactive Maintenance
  • Documentation of Installed systems, services


  • 2+ years of experience as a database administrator
  • Knowledge and use of SQL/TSQL language
  • Analytical thinking is fundamental to you
  • You feel challenged by the technological solutions and their operation outside your comfort zone
  • A variety of cryptic IT problems make you even more driven to solve them
  • You are demanding of the work you do
  • You are looking for new challenges and eager to learn and develop professionally
  • You have no problems communicating in English with foreign colleagues

Nice to have

  • Azure / AWS / GDP knowledge, course
  • Experience in data warehouse operation
  • CI/CD pipeline knowledge
  • Knowledge of Script language / Python programming skills
  • Experience in IT system administration

Why us?

  • Diverse projects: In each assignment there is always something new either on the technical or on the business side that helps you grow.
  • Cutting edge technology: You will work with many of the most up-to-date technologies and tools.
  • Strong and motivating team: We stress the importance of working together in tight-knit, cohesive teams in which members help each other to reach the common goal.
  • Work-life balance: We help you to feel good individually as well, and coordinate work so as it should align with your leisure activities.
  • Professional development: There are team gatherings on a regular schedule where colleagues can share their knowledge, and have deep technical discussions.
  • Focus on company culture: In addition to our business and professional achievements we are proud of the social bonding in the company, which is based on mutual respect and helping one another.
  • Personal mentoring: You will have your own mentor (just like everybody at Hiflylabs) who you can turn to with professional issues as well as with personal ones.