Hiflylabs is a Budapest-based company, founded in 2012. We have 160+ employees at this moment and we are constantly thriving. We have a mix of Hungarian and international clients, including the finance, telecommunication, and energy sectors. Be part of Hiflylabs’ growing team and get the most out of Hiflylabs’ pioneering company culture!


  • Reception tasks
  • Close cooperation with the office manager and the finance department
  • Carrying out office procurement administration
  • Helping with the daily operation of the office
  • Filing and binding of documents
  • Welcoming guests arriving in person
  • Participation in organizational tasks and coordination of company programs
  • Receiving and handling phone calls
  • Carrying out financial administration tasks


  • Good communication skills and proactivity
  • Problem solving ability, ingenuity
  • Precision, reliability, commitment to quality
  • User-level computer skills, mostly in relation to MS Office programs (Outlook, Word, Excel)
  • Multitasking ability
  • Flexibility, quick adoptions to changes
  • Vocational secondary education


  • Previous experience in a similar position


  • Meaningful and impactful projects – No business today can thrive without building on their data. We give you a full spectrum of data services and digital solutions to meet your customers’ needs and create value for them.
  • Diverse professional challenges – You’ll solve a wide range of business problems while discovering cutting the edge data technologies.
  • Full empowerment – Trust is a cornerstone of our culture. Don’t lose sight of the goal, the rest is up to you.
  • Flexible ways of working – We love our location on Bartók Béla Street which is not only an office but also a community space. However, we respect our people to do their work when and how they work best.
  • Balanced life – We love what we do and aim to work together with others who do their work with love. At the same time, we highly value fresh minds, for which we think a healthy work/life balance is essential! Forget about pointless meetings and unnecessary administration.
  • Mentoring from your first day – Continuous support is not just a set of fancy words we throw around here; your mentor follows you throughout your career path.
  • Learning & Development opportunities – If you value the possibility of self-development and conference attendance, we are on to a great start! We look forward to helping you unlock your potential.
  • Supportive corporate culture – In addition to our professional success, we are proud of the social cohesion that is based on mutual support and respect and is constantly nurtured in the company.
  • Lots of fun – The Hiflylabs’ community is made up of more than 150 open-minded people from different backgrounds but with shared values. We have a lot of fun together, we’ve already booked your place for the next wine tasting, FIFA & football tournament.