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Privacy Policy

Our website, similarly to other websites, utilizes cookies in order to ensure the appropriate usage of the website, as well as to enhance user experience and optimize marketing communication. On your first visit, our company explicitly requests your permission to use such cookies.

Cookies hold data and are stored temporarily by your web browser on the device you use to browse the internet. They may be saved to your device while you browse our website. Data stored in the cookies can include your IP address, the type of your browser, attributes of your device’s operating system, the timestamp of your visit, the id of the page / sub-page you visited, any utilized functionalities as well as time spent on the website. Cookies do not contain personal information and are not suitable to identify you, the individual user, and they are not connected to personally identifiable information. Cookies are small files and do not impair your device and do not contain any virus or other harmful script. Certain cookies are automatically deleted after the website is closed and other cookies are stored for a longer period of time on your device, depending on what settings you use in your browser.

Our website only uses cookies that are required for the operation of the website and are temporarily stored. The website uses partner cookies [as well], which are managed by our partners commissioned to render services targeting website analytics and personalized marketing communications. The website uses the following partner cookies and similar scripts:

  • Google Analytics service

Accepting, permitting cookies is voluntary; you can limit or block their usage, although in such cases you may not be able to use certain functionalities provided by the website. You have the opportunity to allow or disable cookies on the websites you visit by modifying the settings in your browser. Please review the manual or help section of your browser and apply the necessary steps if you would like to block cookies.
Data sharing is voluntary, and its legal basis is provided by Info tv. 5.§(1) point a).

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