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dbt Docs as a Static Website

powered by App Engine and GitHub Actions Dbt Docs, as a static website, provides an intuitive way to inspect our project documentation outside of dbt

A brief update on the refreshed dbtCloud UI

In order to support its users in creating even better user experiences, dbtCloud has undergone a makeover. The organic increase in dbtCloud usage served as

Gee, stop building into production!

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Deployment 🌀Why all the fuss? Time and time again, we stumble upon issues not entirely dependent on

We need to talk about window functions in dbt

Recently, we ran into an interesting performance issue when we used numerous dbt generated window functions in a query. We experienced exponential performance decay, which

Should you sprint the Marathon?

Sonny, a talented, young Analytics Engineer was walking straight into a trap. One that 99% of young and hungry IT professionals fall for. Sonny entered

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