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Casting Your Data Team

Casting Your Data Team

The perfect orchestration of internal and external resources When it comes to casting a data team, it’s not just about finding the right people with

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This is a very interesting section here.

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How to make millions in profits in 15 days?

Reading time: 4 min Business problem Retail pricing is one of those fields that can greatly be supported by data analysis, with measurable, high returns

How to optimize opening hours?

Reading time: 5 min Easy question, tough answer When it comes to leveraging a company’s data assets, the first use-case that pops into your head

Mentoring at Hiflylabs

Reading time: 4 min When, after leaving university in the mid-2000s, I started working as an engineer, I couldn’t even imagine what more can be

Hiflylabs’ team win – WhyR 2020 Hackathon

Reading time: 6 min The WhyR Foundation, with the support of McKinsey&Co, organized a region-wide „Text Mining Hackathon” in September, which our team won with

Recruitment at Hiflylabs

Reading time: 4 min At Hiflylabs, after an initial period of formation, it emerged as a natural need  to define and place ourselves among our

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