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Casting Your Data Team

Casting Your Data Team

The perfect orchestration of internal and external resources When it comes to casting a data team, it’s not just about finding the right people with

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This is a very interesting section here.

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Sandboxes instead of walls

Reading time: 2 min The mission of date warehouses (DWH) is to be the source of “undoubted” information. To have the “single version of truth”

Both feet on the ground, plus one in the water

Reading time: 2 min The managers of enterprise data warehouses (DWH) are carrying more and more responsibilities on their shoulders. As the processes of enterprises

Dangerous little elephant?

Reading time: 2 min The elephant is said to be the most dangerous animal on the African Savanna. Nevertheless, the icon of the quasi standard

What does a cow drink?

Reading time: 2 min What does a cow drink? Milk? What does a data analyst eat? Pie chart? The more important data analysis gets the

Data: Power or Democracy?

Reading time: 2 min We are witnessing an interesting battle in huge enterprises. Managers on different levels have realized for a while that if they

Data! Scared?

Reading time: 2 min Since I have been making my living from working with data for 15 years, I was frequently asked lately: “Should we

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